Today, I would like to talk about how I start my day. I often got asked how I manage things. So let’s start with morning.

I usually wake up around 6:30-7:30am. Usually, I go to morning prayer and come back around 8:30 am (remember, all wisdom comes from God ^^).

My mornings are as follows.

  1. Get coffee and snack! I love morning coffee and chocolate. I am filling my brain with caffeine and sugar, getting it ready for another exciting day!
  2. Check my email and news. This is not the best use of my time but I do want to make sure that I did not miss anything. This takes less than ten minutes. Also, I am listening to a podcast/ sermon/ praise to make things more pleasant.
  3. Answer question on Quora or do Duolingo. I answer questions on Quora to help others and also to really wake up. Answering a question helps me focus. Duolingo, I do it so I don’t forget my Spanish and also it helps me warm my brain.
  4. Light data cleaning. My brain is a bit warmed up but it is still not fully functional. So I do some data cleaning. It does not require much brain power but it does help you concentrate and advance your research.
  5. Prime Time. About 40 minutes have passed since I sat on my computer, now I am fully warmed up. This is when my productivity is soaring like an eagle or a lion with wings! I do as much data analysis and writing as possible. I try to maximize the 3-4 hour in the morning because I get so much done. I just plow through.
  6. Taking breaks. After intense work, I let my brain rest again by either cleaning data or surfing the web for 5-10 minutes. Then I do work again. Also, I make sure that I stand up and walk around. So my back doesn’t hurt and blood flows to my head. Also, remember to rest your eyes for a bit.
  7. Winding down. Around 12:30-1pm. I start to wind down. I do data cleaning again, which does not require much effort. Then I eat lunch and prepare for the next round!

For me, it is really important to fully utilize the morning’s 3-4 hours. I get the most done then. I know it is a great day when I get almost everything done in the morning. Then I enjoy the afternoon and evening by reading some papers not related to my field or going into more detailed analysis.

I know that many people have their own ways to maximize productivity and get things done but I do suggest trying to get things done in the morning. You are awake and fresh in the morning (given that you had enough sleep) and your brain is ready to roll.

Hope everyone has a productive and fulfilling day!

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