As a researcher, some times you get really good ideas. Even those that sound quite reasonable after you think about it next day and you discuss with someone.

HOWEVER…ahhh…you think about the time and effort that requires. After handling a lot of data, I have managed to develop something like a data sense. Not cool as spider sense but useful enough that I don’t get into a monstrous project. Well, the idea that I have is..mmm..yeah monstrous in the sense of getting and cleaning the data! Ahhh…

Oh well, I guess this is why people have not done it. I will pray for more wisdom.

For now, I will put it on my to-do research projects. I will then fantasize about AIs cleaning data. Then I think of AIs replacing us. Well, it could happen in my life time. Then I realize I should focus on my current projects đŸ˜€

It is nice to take this thought experiment journeys. I really like the idea of implement the research. Of course, when you run the analysis, you often find SURPRISES! But it’s all good, that is the beauty of research.

Thank You God for enabling me to do research. I pray that You give me more wisdom.