Thank You Lord for another blessed day. Let us never forget that every day is a present from You Jesus 😀

sg431669. Thank You God for morning worship. It is always great to start the day with You.
1670. Thank You Father for breakfast. Love my first meal.
1671. Thank You Jesus for church plants. They are growing well.
1672. Thank You Lord for clean water.
1673. Thank You God for my house. It is near church.
1674. Thank You Father for elevators. Well, I would exercise more without them I guess.
1675. Thank You God for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
1676. Thank You Father for my car. I can go to places.
1677. Thank You Jesus for a pleasant ride. Not much traffic yay!
1678. Thank You God for good parking. I am truly blessed in LA.
1679. Thank You Lord for Audrena. She helps book rooms.
1680. Thank You Jesus for a room to practice my presentation. Yay!
1681. Thank You Father for Satish and Jeonggoo. They gave me good comments!
1682. Thank You Lord for Chipotle. It was delicious.
1683. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with a friend. Please bless us more every day.
1684. Thank You God for a nap. I really needed it.
1685. Thank You Jesus for Udemy. I rated two courses.
1686. Thank You God for Quora. I reached one million views!
1687. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. I am improving my Spanish.
1688. Thank You Jesus for Instagram. I can see what people are up to.
1689. Thank You God for my gym. I love working out.
1690. Thank You Father for my PC. It is working hard.
1691. Thank You Lord for new research ideas. I am so excited.
1692. Thank You Jesus for PERL. It is busily extracting data.
1693. Thank You Father for external hard drives. I can back up my data.
1694. Thank You Lord for Dropbox. It really makes things convenient.
1695. Thank You God for coffee. I love coffee!
1696. Thank You Jesus for a calm heart.
1697. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible.
1698. Thank You Father for good prayer session. Let us pray more every day.
1699. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. Always thankful that we can grow together in You.
1700. Thank You God for my blog. I pray that I can give You more thanks every day.

Thank You Lord for all Your love and mercy 😀