Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful 😀

sg381729. Thank You God for morning worship. I am thankful to start the day with You Lord.
1730. Thank You Jesus for cereal and coffee. One more step for a great day.
1731. Thank You Lord for laundry place. They ironed my pants really quickly.
1732. Thank You Jesus for nearby Korean restaurants. They are affordable and delicious.
1733. Thank You God for helping me prepare for my interview.
1734. Thank You Jesus for my parents who made me check and double check everything when I was growing up. It is a good habit.
1735. Thank You God for my old trunk bag. It is seven years old and yet it is doing well.
1736. Thank You Jesus for my suit. It still looks great.
1737. Thank You God for clothing. I am thankful that I have formal clothing.
1738. Thank You Lord for my car. I drove a lot today.
1739. Thank You Jesus for Google Maps. It is a great GPS.
1740. Thank You God for podcasts. During the traffic, I heard two podcasts.
1741. Thank You Lord for the safe drive. I am thankful that I arrived safely.
1742. Thank You Jesus for the hotel. The room is a bit dark but seems clean.
1743. Thank You God for hotel’s gym. It’s small but it has enough weights.
1744. Thank You Father for the conversation with the receptionist. It is encouraging to see hard working people.
1745. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. Let me read the bible more every day.
1746. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray. I pray that I can pray more every day.
1747. Thank You God for Myungshin. I am always thankful that we can pray together.
1748. Thank You Lord for delicious dinner. I love salmon.
1749. Thank You God for a pleasant dinner talk.
1750. Thank You Father for my parents. I am thankful that they taught me manners.
1751. Thank You Jesus for my laptop. I fixed my slides.
1752. Thank You God for helping me think what is important.
1753. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. Still practicing.
1754. Thank You Jesus for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk around.