Thank You Lord for Sabbath. Let us rest and focus on You Jesus.


2026. Thank You Jesus for Sunday. Yay! Sabbath!
2027. Thank You God for bananas. Nice to start the day with few bananas.
2028. Thank You Lord for Costco. Yup, good price!
2029. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray. I pray that I pray more every day.
2030. Thank You Father for new comers. I pray that they get to know You more Father.
2031. Thank You God for good sermon. Let us live by faith.
2032. Thank You Lord for running water. We can do the dishes.
2033. Thank You God for church’s chairs. We can sit down.
2034. Thank You Lord for chai coffee. It is a bit sweet still good.
2035. Thank You Jesus for clothing. It was windy today.
2036. Thank You God for my house. It is very nice.
2037. Thank You Jesus for my bed. It is comfortable.
2038. Thank You Lord for my PC. It works very hard.
2039. Thank You God for Excel. I cleaned data.
2040. Thank You Jesus for my committee members. I appreciate their feedback.
2041. Thank You Lord for helping me repent. Lord, please help me repent more every day.
2042. Thank You God for a good book. I love reading.
2043. Thank You Lord for delicious dinner. K-Town has good restaurants.
2044. Thank You Father for electricity.
2045. Thank You Jesus for clean water.
2046. Thank You Lord for YouTube sermons. It makes me holier.
2047. Thank You God for Quora. Love answering questions.
2048. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can talk every day.
2049. Thank You God for my plants. They are growing well.
2050. Thank You Father for the lovely weather. Yup, LA.
2051. Thank You God for a hot shower. So relaxing.
2052. Thank You Jesus for my keyboard. Very nice.
2053. Thank You Lord for Microsoft Word. I can write stuff.

Thank You Lord for all Your love 😀