I knew that LA had oil wells but I did not know that there were so many. Even NOW!


This map shows all the oil wells in California. From the center of Korea Town, you can see that there are many many oil wells nearby, especially to the east side.


The US consumes about 19 million barrels a day! So I don’t see these oil wells going away any time soon.

What concerns me is the potential dangers of oil wells. For instance, this paper documents potential link between childhood hematologic cancer and development of oil and gas. Of course, the study is not causal but I don’t think the stuff that comes out of oil well is probably more likely to hurt us then heal us. Yeah, benzene probably increases the likelihood of cancer and other diseases.  The Beverly Hill oil field lawsuit has been thrown out for lack of evidence but I would still be cautious.

I pray for the protection of all those who live near oil wells. Also, I encourage all of us to drive less so we can consume less oil. Plus, remember walking is good for your body and wallet 😀