Thank You Lord for a blessed day. Let us always remember Your blessings and give You Thanks 😀



2843. Thank You Lord for morning prayer.
2844. Thank You God for bananas.
2845. Thank You Jesus for my car.
2846. Thank You Lord for Google Maps.
2847. Thank You Jesus for Costco.
2848. Thank You God for Costco’s pizza 😀
2849. Thank You Father for Best Buy.
2850. Thank You Jesus for Toy’R Us. Toys are so interesting these days.
2851. Thank You Lord for a delicious lunch.
2852. Thank You God for good coffee.
2853. Thank You Jesus for a nice walk.
2854. Thank You Father for our church.
2855. Thank You Jesus for Microsoft Office.
2856. Thank You Lord for internet.
2857. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
2858. Thank You God for church plants.
2859. Thank You Lord for drinking water.
2860. Thank You Father for house of prayer.
2861. Thank You God for Amazon Prime.
2862. Thank You Jesus for Lending Club. Found some good notes. Always, need to be patient.
2863. Thank You Lord for Motif.
2864. Thank You Father for my blog. Need to be more disciplined.
2865. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible.
2866. Thank You God for my gym. Need to keep working out.
2867. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. We pray that we become holier.
2868. Thank You God for my advisor. I pray that You continue to bless our relationship.
2869. Thank You Jesus for edX. So many interesting courses.
2870. Thank You Father for Duolingo.
2871. Thank You Jesus for Snapshot Serengeti.
2872. Thank You God for Eyewire.
2873. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible.

Thank You Lord for Your love and grace. Let us pray more and love more.