These days the approval rating of congress is so low that it competes cunning marketing people and some kind of illness!

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It is sad that authority figures have become so ineffective. I pray that God appoint wise people.

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2).

An interesting idea has been proposed where congressman are selected randomly.

The idea is interesting because it will clearly the drain the swamp because there is refresh every term.

One downside is that crazy people will be in congress as well but hopefully with more smarter people, things will be at least not as bad as now.

This analysis does seem to make good sense; however, it is missing big costs!!!

The post does not discuss about learning, proprietary information, relationship costs. It takes time to learn. The randomly selected congressman cannot learn economics, policies, and politics, instantly. They have to set laws while still learning! Ohhh! And by the time that they know something, they have to leave!!!

Also, many congressman sit on committees, where they are briefed of very important confidential information. Having random congressman will make things quite difficult because much more people know confidential information, which really endangers confidential information.

Building relationships is not costless. The random congressmen have to build relationship with each other, constituents, firms, and other organizations! As we know relationships are not so easily built.

Overall, given the high costs of learning, proprietary information, and relationships, random selection of congress is unlikely to be implemented. But it is indeed a good thought experiment!


Let us continue to pray for the authorities. Let us pray that God gives them wisdom.