Thank You Jesus for a blessed Sunday.

I am thankful that I can give rides! Thank you my trusty Civic!

Service was awesome! I loved the sermon. We need to discern the time and hasten Jesus’

return by praying and spreading the gospel! Praise Jesus!

Lunch was absolutely delicious! I love bibimbap! I should have eaten more but I was full!

Finally got a haircut! Yup- Whoa- I was busy-

The good news is that I did not wait much and I like my haircut!

Haha- Not bad for $8!

Thank You Lord.

Drive back was a bit tiring. But listened to two podcasts-

Yay~ Came home worked a bit.

Thankful that I had some energy to get some work done-

Loved the talk with Myungshin. Always thankful that we can pray together!

Jesus thank You so much! We love You so much!