I used to watch a lot of movies back in college. Then I stopped watching because I had to work a lot. Recently, I have decreased my time on Facebook and YouTube. So I decided to turn on documentaries or movies while I was coding or cleaning data. So given that I have Amazon Prime, I decided to see what is free there and wow! There is a lot of good movies and documentaries on Prime. I don’t remember seeing so much last year when I just happen to browse because I was a bit bored. I have read that the fight in on to dominate the online streaming among Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and cable companies. I have heard and learned benefits of competition in class but seeing it right on my screen is awesome. Go competition! Can’t complain about more free movies and documentaries (and owning Amazon is double nice).


Cable and media companies are going to have lower profit margins  with increased spending on content (yes, original, good content is not cheap). It will be also interesting to see how Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon handle the original content generation issue given its expensive and uncertain nature.