Ahhh…the unavoidable airport security. Every time I go, there is someone in front who either brings things that they should not bring or are confused. Luckily, TSA has become much better at handling these situations. Yet I wonder why does this happen. Of course, with lot of people, there should be certain number of individuals who fail to follow the instructions. Yet it baffles me.

So I thought may be it is a first time flier. Well, I overheard the conversation and she is not. Then may be she has some handicap? Nope. Apparently, she just tried her way, it appears. But why? Why do you waste everyone’s time? Airport security jobs are already stressful why do you add the burden? All of this is wasted tax, time, and added stress for everyone in the airport. Please be more considerate. Remember that we live in this world together. If you delay the line for ten minutes, you wasted about 200 minutes (about 20 of us behind her line).

I pray that we all love each other more and be a bit more considerate.