Thank You Lord for Wednesday. Yes, it is already middle of the week. Thank You for protecting me and getting through until the middle of the week.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a super productive day. I worked from 8am to about 6:30 pm almost nonstop. I feel so bad for my eyes and back 😦 Really, I should have taken more breaks.
  2. Thank You Father for good sermon from our visiting Vietnamese Pastor Tung. Did not realize that there was so much persecution still in Vietnam. Let us all pray more for Vietnam and Southern Eastern Asia.
  3. Thank You Jesus for our church. We are weak and we really don’t know what we are doing often but Holy Spirit give us wisdom and let us do Your will.
  4. Thank You God for my plants. Yeah, I love my plants. Thank You for not dying despite the lack of sun and not so good air quality in LA. You guys are the MVP. You survive, clean the air and give me peace.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good health. We always complain and forget how blessed we are. My wrist hurts a bit and now I realize how blessed I have been for many years without any annoyance or injury. Please protect us from harm and let us take good care of our bodies.

Thank You Jesus for all the good things that You have given us. Let us not forget Your grace, mercy, and love. Let us spread Your love to the end of the world.