Today, I walked into my car and saw mounds of paper and all things scattered. I instinctively knew someone broke into my car. But interestingly, they didn’t take anything. I saw that they took out my two old GPS, one is 8 years old, the other is 4 years old. They probably saw the ugliness and the thickness and just left them. They were so desperate that they spilled all the stuff in my car, which were napkins, bandages, really old lotion/ sun screen, and few cables. I sensed the thief’s frustration as they left empty handed. Well, I thought. Thank You God for Your protection and time to clean my car!


I also had a break-in two years ago. This thief at least put all the contently neatly on the passenger seat. He literally stacked up the napkins and the content into ordered piles. That was even more scary.