Ahhh…what a day. Went to the beaches and ha ad good chat with friends for coffee and dinner. This is the kind of weekends that I have expected when I came to LA but God had other plans. I had to work a lot and my life revolved around church. At first, I was not so happy but now I just thank God for disciplining me and using me as His tool. I have become closer to Jesus and I have learned a bit about loving and serving. Many times we complain because we do not see or know what Jesus sees and thinks. But after some time passes and as we mature in Christ, we know that God has timed everything perfectly. Today was a lovely gift from God. He has given me a day off to enjoy. Yes, I am bit behind work but I will pray for wisdom and work harder. Father, thank You so much for being so awesome and let us always remember Your love and goodness.