Thank You Jesus for a good Friday. I got some work done and had a good rest.

  1. Thank You Jesus for calling me to serve You. We cleaned the guest house for our incoming students. It was hard and extremely hot (this is LA) but it was very rewarding. Father, let us work more for Your kingdom.
  2. Thank You Lord for a leisurely Friday night. Usually, we have bible study and fellowship but today it was off day. So I worked at a leisurely pace, enjoying the evening.
  3. Thank You God for making me appreciate Your love. I hurt my wrist again. And I can’t lift much again. But I realized how much God has blessed me. Father, let us be always thankful for all the things that you have given us.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the cool air at night. Yes, I often smell weed and trucks that are similar chimneys yet the cool breeze is at night is quite refreshing. Thank You Lord.
  5. Thank You Father for electricity. Without electricity, there would be no light, no internet, no computer. Well, life could still be good but I like computer and internet.

Jesus, let us always praise You and love You more day by day.