Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Thank You Lord for protecting us and letting us thrive for the first half of the week.

  1. Thank You Father for another productive day. Things were busy but I managed to code a bit and push through. Thank You Jesus for Your wisdom. Please give us more wisdom so we can do Your work.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my gym. So close. Yup, I had to renew the membership and pay lump sum but I get one month free. That is a nice 8% return but when I pay my credit card bill next month, I will be well still happy because Christians always rejoice in all circumstances.
  3. Thank You Lord for the bible. We are learning 2 Corinthians and we just pray that You keep us united in You Jesus and that we run away from sexual immorality. This is very hard in the age of internet and really harder in LA where there is temptation everywhere. But Father give us the strength and wisdom to be pure.
  4. Thank You Father for my computer. Yes, it has no sound after Windows 10 somehow jammed my sound card. But I am still thankful and Windows 10 looks pretty nice.
  5. Thank You Lord my plants. They are growing well. I just wish my faith and wisdom grew like that. (I need to pray more haha). Lord, thank You for the plants. Just like You have given us so many trees in Garden of Eden my room and balcony are filled with green. Thank You Father.

Jesus, we just want to thank You for all Your blessings. Let us pray more and glorify You!