Puerto Rico has more than $70 billion debt and cannot default. Health care and education is suffering. The situation seems to be getting worse and congress cannot put a plan together. As an individual who has lived in the developing world, I have seen how economic break downs can strain the society and cause massive pain.

So what can be done? Well, we should always pray for mercy and rely on goodness of God. Ask Jesus to handle the situation. After praying, we can take some actions because a faith with no deeds is dead.

First, you can travel to Puerto Rico and spend some money there, helping the local economy.

Second, you can lend money to Puerto Rico’s local business’ through websites such as Kiva. I have just made a loan to El Departamento de Comida, which has a good rating on Trip Advisor.

Third, if you are wealthy and can take some risks then investing in Puerto Rico real estate seems to be an above average idea. After all, John Paulson, the investor who made billions shorting real estate market put 1.5 bn in Puerto Rico’s real estate.

As individuals, we often cannot do much but we can always pray and help out.