Thank You Jesus for an awesome Monday. Thank You for bringing me to NYC.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the safe plane ride to NYC. Yes, we had some turbulence but we arrived on time.
  2. Thank You Lord for subways. Wow, how I missed a good reliable public transportation system. OF course, we have a train in LA but NYC’s pretty much gets you to most places. Ahh, free from driving.
  3. Thank You Jesus for the gorgeous skies. I don’t know how many scenery picture I took (I actually do know, a lot). The skyscrapers and the sky are so beautiful.
  4. Thank You Father for good friends. Thank you good friends for giving me a place to stay in Manhattan (or I would have been gone broke).
  5. Thank You Jesus for Manhattan. I did not have a good view about Manhattan being so expensive and crowded. But it is really a nice place. There is so many things to do and so much stuff going on. Plus, the great food. But let us never forget that You come first and that we must focus on You Jesus and You alone Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for everything. I was not so happy about the NYC trip but it is really great. New York~ New York~