Thank You Jesus for a lovely day. Really lovely. Got to see more of Manhattan and have a great time with friends.

  1. Thank You Jesus for another joyful day. It is just so lovely to walk around and feel the city. Yes, I will not forget to focus on You God.
  2. Thank You Lord for great coffee. Of course, LA is the coffee mecca. But NYC is awesome. Just wish I had enough time to go enjoy all the small coffee shops and bagel places.
  3. Thank You God for my friend’s hospitality. His sofa bed was nice. Also, the nice glass table stand worked well to do my work. Finally, thank You for the strong A/C.
  4. Thank You Father for reminding me to pray. The things in NYC are amazing but the most important things are from You Jesus. Let us really pray hard for NYC and its people. There are so many things that distract the people from God. Let us all pray for NYC.
  5. Thank You Jesus for giving me discernment. Manhattan is amazing but there are is pain and darkness. Busyness overwhelms and people try to stand out. Lord, let me pray and serve the people of NYC. They are smart and talented but they need You. They are stuck in a race with no end. Father, please bless them and show them Your love and wisdom.

Thank You Jesus for another wonderful day. Also, thank You for showing me Your thoughts. I will pray and serve for NYC.