Thank You Jesus for the good time in NYC and the safe trip back to LA. Thank You for helping me see and realize many things. Father, let us always pray and be holy.

  1. Thank You God for a good time in Manhattan. I will not forget the great restaurants, coffee shops, and endless activities.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good Samaritans in NYC. Man, it’s hard to ask directions in this city. But thank You for the nice people who tell you where things are.
  3. Thank You Jesus for a great time with friends. Time has passed but we still talk about things and keep in touch. We just pray that we all become holier.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the safe flight back to LA. Thank You Virgin America for being good although the plane was not as cool and clean as before. But still thank you for the excellent service.
  5. Thank You Father for my good roommates who waited for me and welcomed me back.

Thank You Lord for all Your blessings. Let us be holy and love another more