Thank You Jesus for another great day. We love You so much. Let us be holier everyday.

  1. Thank You Jesus for waking me up early and enabling me to pray and serve the guests. Father, please make me more loving and obedient. Let us spread Your love to all nations.
  2. Thank You Father for obedience. I used to get upset when doing dull tasks but now I know that You are in charge and that I will be joyful in all circumstances. Give me an obedient heart. Let me serve You and the authorities. Plus, let me be always joyful.
  3. Thank You Lord for wisdom. I am some times amazed at things that I do that get things done. It is You Holy Spirit. It is Your wisdom that makes things go. Please give me more wisdom because I am really lost and dumb. Give me wisdom so I can serve You better.
  4. Thank You Jesus for peace. I am so peaceful. Before I would be stressed and anxious if I did not work get done but now I am fine. I am at peace. I know that our Father God will take care of it. Of course, I have to work but I will not worry. I will always be joyful. Jesus, thank You for blessing me so much.
  5. Thank You God for my computer. Yes, this is my bread and butter. Thank you Desktop. I will not complain because you are slow but I will thank you and take good care of you. Glory to Jesus who gave me this desktop.

Thank You God for all the good things that You have given us. Let us always be more joyful and loving.