Thank You Father for Monday. It may not be the best day of the week. But God, we just thank You for another day. Let us be joyful everyday.

  1. Thank You Jesus for giving us the opportunity to serve our guests. They are precious souls. Let us really love and serve them. Let us not calculate how much time or money, we are spending, but let us love them fully.
  2. Thank You Lord for work. Sometimes, work is boring, specially grading. But Lord let us be thankful that we can be used and bring glory to You.
  3. Thank You Father for podcasts. Really nice to hear while I walk, drive, clean data, or grade. Thank You free podcasts! You really help the world learn and think.
  4. Thank You Jesus for PERL. Yeah, I am trying to move over to Python but PERL is cool and so useful. PERL! You are my hero. You made so much research possible. Thank you.
  5. Thank You God for WordPress. Yup, this blog is on it. Thank you WordPress for making blogging easier and more professional.

Jesus, let us always be thankful. Let us count our blessings and share with all neighbors and nations.