Thank You Jesus for a lovely Tuesday. It was a long day grading but I was able to be thankful for everything (most of the time). Jesus teach me obedience and make me love more.

  1. Thank You Jesus for giving me the opportunity to grade. Also, please make me obedient and joyful all times. Let us be thankful for all work and give glory to You.
  2. Thank You Father for my new PhD office. Wow! It is very nice. It is still not complete but we have a window, high ceilings, and a modern look. Thank You Jesus for the lovely office.
  3. Thank You God for a lovely church. We are small and so disorganized some time. And we lack so much. But it is by Your grace that we are able to worship You and serve our neighbors. Thank You Lord.
  4. Thank You Father for a home. It is good to know that I have room with a great bed and many plants. Ah, yes, and two good fishes.
  5. Thank You Jesus for my car. Thank you Civic for being a good car, taking me to places and enabling me to give rides.

Father, let us always be thankful and only worship You, You alone.