-I used to write what I have learned everyday before in my old blog. I thought it would be a great idea to bring it back. Hope people find the posts useful.


  • Waking up early is good. Just need to be more disciplined and just really need to sleep earlier.
  • Quora’s algorithm is getting better. It gives me more relevant questions to answer. I love its culture of experimentation. Go research!


Walmart and Jet.com

Walmart will still struggle even with Jet.com. According to the Wharton podcast, Walmart is quite bad at integration and is quite lost. Jet.com could help but it will not be a magic bullet.

I know that Walmart has been struggling and I am aware that Walmart’s culture is quite closed. However, I do not underestimate Walmart. They are expert at logistics and they know how to sell. I would not expect them to turn around immediately given the inertia but they will come back.

Jack Ma

Listening to We Study Billionaire Podcast,  I learned that Jack Ma created one of the largest e-commerce business, Alibaba, without knowing programming or superb management experience. Ma has a great vision but he also works really hard, easily 10-16 hours a day. Alibaba has achieved great scale and is still growing.

So should we invest in Alibaba? The famous short seller, James Chanos, thinks that Alibaba’s is a bit sketchy. Indeed, some major entities are not shown in Alibaba’s financial statements, concealing its real profitability.  Personally, I am not sure. It is true Alibaba is developing quite quickly and it is a giant in e-commerce. However, knowing that shady accounting can instantly destroy a firm, I would be cautious.