1. USC is really good at rallying up the students. Quite amazed by the school spirit. No wonder, we lead in alumni donation.
  2. Don’t be near USC during move-in week, it is supercrowded and blocked everywhere. I knew this since four years ago but I experienced it again today.
  3. When Windows 10 is behaving weird like mine, and you can’t get task bard to open use “Windows” key +”R” for command line. (I will not complain about Windows 10, let’s be thankful)
  4. Google Express provides some good value. It actually may compete with Amazon (well, it is still too early).


Daniel Kahneman

Masters in Business Podcast interviews Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman has done extraordinary work on behavioral economics and has also written a best seller book, Thinking, Fast, and Slow. I have read Kahneman’s work and heard him speak before. But what really struck me was how smart and curious he is. He really asks good questions and thinks of ways to address the inquiries. Also, his thinking very sharp and logical. For those who want to learn more about behavioral economics and Kahneman, I highly suggest listening to this podcast.