Thank You Lord for everything. We admit that everything is in Your hands. Let us not get angry over small things. Also, let us be more humble, judgment comes from being proud. Father, let me like Jesus and Moses, humble and meek. Please transform me day by day.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the wonderful guest house banquet. We didn’t expect much but the guests were very happy. Thank You Lord for the great fellowship and I pray that they get to know you day by day.
  2. Thank You Father for all those who helped with the guest house banquet. Thank You for these lovely brothers and sisters. They make us strong and loving. Let’s keep praying that we all become humble servants of Jesus. All glory to You Jesus.
  3. Thank You God for safe rides. It could have been very annoying yesterday with rides. Of course, this is LA, a place where crazy drivers and bad roads are a everyday thing. Yet because of God’s protection, we gave safe and pleasant rides.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my rooftop. There is a pool! Yay and friends had a good time. I should really use the rooftop more, it is after all part of our rent.
  5. Thank You God for a repenting heart. Yesterday, I got upset and went on diatribe but my good roommate stopped me. Thank You for stopping my cursing. I should be loving not destructive. Jesus, make me holier. Let me not get angry. Let me pure and loving.

God, we thank You again for a blessed day. Please make us more holy and more loving. We are Your servants, let us give all glory to You.