Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Friday. We are always thankful that we can start the day with You and know that everything will be alright because we have You, Jesus.

  1. Thank You Jesus for letting us start the day with You. Let us remember that You are our everything. Let us start the day with Your Word and prayer.
  2. Thank You Lord for great Ethiopian food. The food was delicious and the portions were generous. Nice to have a great meal.
  3. Thank You Jesus for good Ethiopian coffee. I am not a coffee connoisseur but I sort of like either very mild or strong coffee. Ethiopian coffee’s strong flavor was very lovely.
  4. Thank You God for good worships. Let us all praise like David except for having our pants off (I lost some weight recently, it may fall off :p)
  5. Thank You Jesus for the guests who came to Friday worship. We really pray that they bear much fruit.

Father, we proclaim that everything is in your hands that we cannot do anything without You. Lord, always protect us and use us for Your glory.