Thank You Jesus for Sabbath. Also, thank You for teaching us the true meaning of Sabbath. Let us always be in tune with You Jesus, so we can serve and glorify You.

  1. Thank You Lord for great worship. Also, thank You for the awesome bible study. Let us always remember how much You love us Jesus. We will remember Your grace and love and spread them to all nations.
  2. Thank You God for a good walk. Although I got confused where the stores were, it was still a pleasant walk. I hope LA people walk more and drive less. We already have too much pollution and congestion.
  3. Thank You Father for the swimming pool. Friends had fun and I should really start swimming to lose some weight.
  4. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. It is so good to keep in touch with my family and call them.

Jesus, You have blessed us so much. Let us always remember Your blessings and share them with our neighbors.