1. There is so much Cheese in the US that the government is buying cheese for storage. I remember the days when cheese price was so expensive that Dominos talked a lot about cheese during its conference call (cheese is still an important topic).
  2. Sumerians had Cuneiform writing and beer. Ancient civilizations were quite advanced. I hope we keep learning about them. History is fun!
  3. Brazil Olympics ended without too many issues. Of course, Brazil will now have to deal with lot of useless infrastructure and economic/ social problems but it was great that there was no major disasters.


Disciplined investing

Frank Curzio is a great researcher and his podcast is a must for investors. In this episode, Curzio talks about disciplined investing. He teaches good investing style, which is basically good risk management. He talks about being safe than sorry and always cutting the losses. Investors should really cut the losses because I paid a hefty price for not cutting losses and it blew a hole in my portfolio.

The Future

In this Altucher’s show, Steven Kotler talks about the things to come. He discusses about genetic engineering, internet of everything and more. It is quite interesting to hear about the trends to come. Kotler is very optimistic about the future. However, I disagree with his position of genetic engineering. I think it would be harder to manipulate genes because they are quite complex and interact in ways that we really don’t know. So I am not so optimistic about genetic engineering. He also discusses about the bright future of virtual reality. Although I agree that VR will develop quite well, it will still take some time to be fully immersive and educational. Plus, we still need to deal with the side-effects of VR, including nausea.