Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Monday. Let there be no down Monday or any Monday syndrome. Because everyday is a gift from You and we will cherish it.

  1. Thank You Jesus for my nice office. It is so nice. All the PhDs are now coming to school. It took four years but we are happy that we have new modern offices
  2. Thank You God for grading. Yes, it can be tedious and draining but let us be thankful for the ability to work and serve.
  3. Thank You Father for my car. My car helps me give rides. Honda Civic, you are just wonderful, thank you. I apologize for all the dents and scratches.
  4. Thank You Jesus for a good prayer session. Jesus, let us always be in tune with You and keep praying.
  5. Thank You Father  for my smartphone. It makes things so much easier.

Jesus, let us always be thankful for all Your good things. Let us be awake and become holier everyday.