1. A paper blade can almost cut through wood. In essence, in high speed, there is enough energy that anything can be dangerous. Yup, tornadoes will cut through anything.
  2. Kobe Bryant launches 100 mil VC. I believe that Kobe is a great basketball player but VC is quite risky. Also, it takes some time to cash out. I am sure it will be a good learning experience for Kobe.
  3. Jet Blue, Virgin, and Southwestern have the longest leg rooms.


Hidden Forces

In this Altucher’s episode, Jonah Berger talks about the invisible forces that influences us. Being a psychology major, I have been interested in manipulations and subtle nudges. I do agree that we are influenced without knowing but I think Berger does not discuss the subtleties of influence. Berger discusses about having slightly better people being more effective in motivating others rather than an expert who is far too good. Yes, this makes sense but there are more conditionals. It is unlikely that this phenomenon holds in all cases. I have not read his book, Invisible Influence, so I cannot fully comment. However, I would first do my own due diligence and also experiment what works (like Tim Ferriss).