I went into the elevator. Smell of perfume. Strong perfume. I am forced to inhale the whole smell as the elevator descends down to the lobby. I try to figure out who would put so much perfume on a Sunday morning. At one point, my nose becomes numb. This person literally did a bucket challenge with perfume. She is probably fully anointed.

Quickly, I go through all the people that I have seen in my apartment that use tons of perfume but then I realize that I am too lazy. I try to guess. Hmm, it is unlikely a girl who went clubbing and just came back in the morning because the scent would have gone away. Then who would put so much perfume? Is she going out on a date? At 8am on Saturday? hmm…too early. Going to church with so much perfume? Hmmm…

Well, time is up, as the elevator reached the lobby. As I walk out, I still smell the perfume in the lobby all the way up to the front door. Finally, some fresh air and no more perfume. Whoever it was, please use less perfume because you really use a lot of perfume and you literally cloud inside of the elevator.