Thank You Jesus for Tuesday. Thank You protecting on Monday and even today. Let us always be thankful for everything.

  1. Thank You Jesus for grading. It was 8 hours but thank You for giving me the chance to serve. Also, let me not get annoyed. Let me be patient and loving.
  2. Thank You Lord for parking. It was amazing how I found good parking in the morning and at night. Wow! You really love me Jesus!
  3. Thank You God for great campus morning worship.Let us keep praying for the revival of the campus.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my bed. Yes, bed, you are so wonderful. I will cherish you more and clean the sheets more often.
  5. Thank You Lord for great noodle place in K-town. It is usually crowded but I did not have to wait. I ate so deliciously or so barbarically that the servers and guests looked at me. Actually, I think they were why I was eating so deliciously.

Father, let us always be grateful. Jesus, also let us not complain but love love love~