1. USC’s Fertitta Hall is quite awesome. However, I would have put more space given the lack of space on campus.
  2. Not having sound on Windows 10 actually prevents me from watching YouTube, raising productivity.
  3. Illy’s Cappuccino is quite ok. A bit sweet but overall, I will not complain.


On Slavery

In Econtalk , Munger talks about the emergence of slavery. It is interesting how the South had to come up with a rational explanation to justify slavery, including that owning slaves leads to better treatment as they are property. It is also quite intriguing how culture changes the perceptions but does not change the attitudes. Basically, some people are racist still but are rebuked for making their view public. I think Munger brings a good point about studying more about culture, we, econ people should really study history and culture. Finally, go Duke!