Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us always remember Your goodness.

  1. Thank You Lord for a great campus worship. Thank You all who came. Let us keep praying and spreading the gospel.
  2. Thank You God for brothers and sisters in Christ. We would never be able to do missions alone. Thank You Lord for sending a strong team to do Your work.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my PhD office. I still can’t believe it is so nice. So thankful.
  4. Thank You Father for my car. It takes me to places and helps me get things done.
  5. Thank You Jesus for Dropbox. Yes, so nice to have synchronized files. I remember the days of carrying USBs and sending email to myself. I still to that time to time but less so.

Jesus, let us always be thankful. Thank You Father. Let us love You and our neighbors 😀