Thank You Jesus for Friday 😀 It was a long week that went quite fast. Not sure what made it go by so quickly but thank You Jesus for protecting us.

  1. Thank You Lord good fellowship. It is awkward to play ice breakers at older ages but by Your grace with had fun and got to know each other more.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my apartment. It has a huge living room, where we can have fellowship. I complained that the living room was too big but it is greaaatt to have people over.
  3. Thank You Father for my car. It helped me give rides, serve others! yay! Thank you Civic!
  4. Thank You Jesus for my Dyson that keeps my house clean. You are one of my best investments. I will take good care of you.
  5. Thank You Jesus for helping me keep focus on You. Sometimes I worry and go astray but You bring me back. Thank You God.

Father, we are so thankful for everything. Let us always love You and our neighbors.