Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Saturday. Thank You for giving us two days off a week. Woohooo! We should be thankful for so many more things.

  1. Thank You Jesus for brothers and sisters in Christ. We cannot do Your work alone. Let us be truly united and do Your work.
  2. Thank You Father for my car. Yes, it does help me to get to places.
  3. Thank You Jesus for LA. There are so many nice restaurants and coffee shops. Plus, lot of things to see. I just wish it was cleaner and less congested.
  4. Thank You Father for my house. I am so happy that my house is large enough to host people. Although we rarely have people come over, I pray that our house becomes a place of fellowship, where You are honored.
  5. Thank You Lord for Kakao. So nice to talk to many people and keep in touch with them. Lord, let us spread Your love through Kakao.

Father, thank You again for everything and let us not worry but instead love You more and more everyday.