Thank You Jesus for Lord’s day. Let us always praise our God in all circumstances. Thank You for the fellowship. Thank You for Your love.

  1. Thank You Father for Lord’s day. Let us remember Your love and how much You want to be with us. Let us repent and become closer to You.
  2. Thank You Jesus for the lovely restaurants in Santa Monica. Wow, the food was amazing. Thank You God.
  3. Thank You Lord for Santa Monica beach. It was so beautiful. Although it was crowded, it was still beautiful.
  4. Thank You Jesus for not so much traffic. I always worry about traffic when driving to Santa Monica. But thank You for the relatively short driving time.
  5. Thank You God for sending my friend safely to Seoul. We will miss her but we know that You will protect her and look after her. Let us all become holier.

Jesus, we have so many things to be thankful. Yet we complain so much. Give us loving hearts and let us be thankful and love more everyday.