There was a false report of a gunman in LA airport yesterday. Fortunately, we were saying good bye to a friend and got to experience the lock down of LAX. We were happy that there was not so much traffic until we were five minutes away from the airport. From there it was all chaos. First, there was a car accident in front of us, I am like Ok, I will make a detour. Then my friend says that there was LAX gunman report, and as we turn the car around, Tata! Absolute traffic jam. It was like one of those terror movies, where all cars are stopped. After waiting stalled in the car for 20 minutes, my friend gets out and says he will check out how bad the traffic is. At this point, other cars turned off their engines. Some drivers were getting out of their cars to throw away trash. And a car in front of us just ejected his friends, and they started to walk to the airport. Then we saw people walking out of airport, all sweaty and not so happy. My friend came back and said that we better start walking. So my friends start to walk while I wait and try to park my car, if the traffic ever moves. Haha, actually my car was parked because nothing moved. Anyhow, after ten minutes, cars moved a bit and I parked my car. I ran towards my friends (They did not go far because they were amused by the monstrous traffic).

Knowing that it will take forever to check in, I urged my friends to walk faster. So we walked, walked, and walked. We passed by cars and my friend made fun that we were faster than cars. After 25 minutes and lot of sweating, and listening to tons of honks, we arrived at the international terminal. Then we had to wait another 30 minutes to check in because everything was halted and only reopened some short moments ago. Thankfully, my friend made it to her plane. We walked back to the car, hoping not to get mugged and seeing all the delayed planes hovering around LAX. It was a good cardio. Also, an interesting experience, only in LA.