Having lived in Korea town for almost four years, I know that things can get congested and dirty easily. Plus, we already have enough crazy people and more seem to come everyday. Another thing that is quite painful is moving. First, the roads tend to be narrow and parking your cars in the garage to move is also difficult because most garages are small. Parking on the street? Yeah…nice try. Just block the road, no other choice, which will congest the roads. But oh well. Second, the elevators are also small. Why? But why?! The doors are small too. Why?! Moving is an ordeal.

So here are some tips for moving to K-town or not the nicest parts of LA.

  1. Make sure that all the furniture that can be dissambled be done so. Trust me many furniture will not fit into the doors and elevators.
  2. Move after rush hour. There will be street parking available, which make things easier to unload if the garage is small.
  3. Move in slowly  bit by bit with small things. Moving in at once sounds good but really annoys everyone. Your car will block traffic, making congestion worse. You will hog the elevator, making people upset. So make sure to move all the small stuff before hand, and then move the big stuff and furniture.
  4. Multiply by two on whatever time you think it will take. There will always be traffic, construction, blocked road, and something going on that will ensure that your moving progress is slowed down.
  5. If you have friends helping, tell them to carpool. If they all come with cars, it will take 10-20 minutes just to find parking somewhere far.
  6. Don’t throw furniture away on street. K-Town is filled with mattresses and beds on the curve. Not only they are an obstruction but a health hazard. Dispose unwanted furniture in a proper manner.
  7. When in doubt just hire a moving company. They will block the road for sure but at least they will try to finish quick as possible, lessening congestion and wasting less parking spaces.

I am thankful for K-Town but I pray that it will become cleaner and nicer. Also, please don’t drive much. Walk or use Uber. And please don’t litter, it is really disgusting.