1. Bit Torrent  is a quite clever concept, transferring data into many pieces for robustness and to ensure that everyone participates.Thank you for those kind people who share their brilliance with the world for FREE!
  2. In India, there is a medical train that goes around to treat people. It is literally a moving hospital. I hope more developing countries implement similar concepts. Hopefully, there will be more rail way built in Africa and South America.
  3. When investing in notes using Lending Club, do not invest if you have doubts. Of course, you can diversify but still when in doubt don’t invest. Follow your strict investing rules.


A solution to child support

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi discusses how Sheri Atwood founded and developed SupportPay, an automated child support platform. I am inspired by how Atwood rose through adversity and plowed her way to get SupportPay working. She found a serious problem, sharing child support, and figured out a brilliant solution. With massive dedication, she made it happen. What I realized from this podcast is that there are so many problems out there, and all we need to do is focus and work hard to solve the problem. Atwood was in marketing and had no experience of coding or running a startup but she made it happen. Also, I realize that we should focus on problems that cause a lot of pain. Often today’s apps/ platforms focus more on hedonistic things rather than really solving serious problems such as child support. Great episode! Thank you Atwood for sharing your experience and thank you Farnoosh for your awesome podcast.