Thank You Lord for Monday. It was a good Monday. I got a lot of work done and tried to be holy although it was not so holy as I expected. But we still praise You!

  1. Thank You Father, for some sleep. I was so tired. A good seven hour sleep was refreshing. Although I did take another nap later. Thank You for rest.
  2. Thank You God for helping me get some work done. Jesus, I prayed for time to work and You have granted me time to work. Thank You so much Lord.
  3. Thank You Jesus for coffee. So delicious. It has been a while since I made coffee at home because I was busy. But today I enjoyed a nice cup of joe.
  4. Thank You God for laundry machine. Without a laundry machine, it would take a long time to wash cloth 😦
  5. Thank You Jesus for my roommate. He always bring delicious leftover food. The food is delicious. Thank you good roommie. We will go eat out soon.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed. Let us be more thankful and share Your love with our neighbors.