Thank You Father for another blessed day. I have gotten a lot of things done but fell into temptation. Please make me stronger. Please make me fear You more. Jesus, I know that You only give us tests that we can pass, so please give me strength and let me be holier.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a blessed campus morning worship. We had two new students join and we shared Your word. Father, let us truly pray for the campus and serve the students. Jesus, let us not be lazy in prayer and let us love more.
  2. Thank You God for my haircut. I did not have to wait. Wow, felt like a VIP. Soon a lady who need a perm came, imagine if I came after her…woooo~ Saved some time. Thank You God.
  3. Thank You Father for my worms. They are growing everyday, busy making compost out of my food scraps. Your creations are so awesome. I will take good care of the worms.
  4. Thank You Jesus for a good relationship. We are not sure where we are going but we know we will pray and only rely on You. Things may look stupid and awkward from the outside but as Your children, we will rely on Your guidance.
  5. Thank You Father for Your Word. I sin so much that I feel bad so much. But yet through Your grace, I repent and through Your Word, I stand up again and become holier. Lord, let me fear me You more and live only according to Your commands.

Jesus, You are so good! God You are so good. Let us enjoy Your presence and spread Your goodness.