1. Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is the most expensive fish in the world. I am very happy with my beta fish.
  2. Ethiopia is the second largest flower exporter in Africa.Netherlands is the number one flower exporter in the world. I love flowers and I like giving flowers but not sure if flowers are the best usage of our limited resources.
  3. Sport drinks do not really help us get hydrated faster. I sort of knew this but I drank Sport drinks anyway. But I guess I will drink less and enjoy the water or coconut water.


How to be more charming

Altucher show discusses art of charming. The first take away is to be able to identify and talk about what the other person is worried about. For instance, if it is a student, then you could talk about exams and employment. The second lesson is to be creative and unexpected, catching other people off guard with witty comment is a good way to build rapport. Although this creative remark is a good idea, it takes a lot of practice and deliberation. But I guess it is never too late to start trying. After all failures do teach lessons (as long as I learn something from them).