1. Filling out surveys is not the best way to earn money but it helps. Also, it provides some data to the firm or organization. I like to fill them out when I want to rest or when I am idling my brain. However, some surveys are so long and obnoxious that actually make me upset. Please make your surveys short.
  2. Samsung S7 really takes good pictures. Love the camera. I also put good pictures online. Hopefully, one day, someone will buy one of my pics ^^
  3. Love morning coffee. Ahh the joy of morning coffee.



In this episode of We Study Billionaires, Preston and Stig talk about the Creativity Inc. I have been wanting to read the book so I really enjoyed the discussion. I learned that Steve Jobs is actually pretty good with business and numbers as well. He was able to deal with Disney in the acquisition of Pixar. But more importantly, I learned that Pixar had an amazing refinement process, almost like those artisans that make crafts through continual improvement. The podcast did not really talk much about creativity but I have learned about Pixar and its process.