Thank You Jesus for looking after us throughout the week. Let us always remember that You are our Lord, our everything. Let us continue to be holier and more loving.

  1. Thank You Jesus for good bible study. Let us continue to learn about the Corinthian church so we do not make the same mistakes and be more loving.
  2. Thank You Lord for Foap. I have not sold any photos but it is nice hobby to have. Take pictures and put them on sale. I will also look into other photo selling websites.
  3. Thank You God for our guests. We are still trying to get to know each other and teach about Jesus but thank You so much for sending them to our church.
  4. Thank You Father for my car. I can give rides and serve You Lord.
  5. Thank You Jesus for another very productive day. You are so loving Jesus, thank Your for Your wisdom and love.

Jesus, let us always shout with joy. Let us not get angry. Let us be more loving and follow Your commands. Please bless us and use us for Your Kingdom.