1. A tiny Amazon town, Barcelos, exports tropical fish to the world. I lived in Brazil for almost four years and visited Manaus but had no idea about this tropical fish trade. Thankfully, exporting of Tetras is sustainable 😀 However, as the article mentions they should diversify. Remember Brazil is a resource heavy nation and they suffered through a bad boom and bust cycle.
  2. This Wall Street Journal article predicts that electrical cars will become more popular soon. Many car manufacturers are rolling out electric vehicles and charging stations are popping up. Living in LA, I could tell that number of charging stations have increased quite dramatically. However, this MIT Review points out that new batteries require quite innovative chemistry and the required investments are huge. Hence, given the limitation of the battery technology so far, I do not expect to see an accelerated rate of adoption of electric vehicles.
  3. Quora now has limited ads. Yay, hopefully, it works and makes Quora better.



Option Trading

In Disciplined Investor podcast, Kirk Du Plessis from Option Alpha talks about the basics of options. I have learned that fear is overpriced and that we should take opportunity of this mispricing. Also,  start small and see how it goes.Du Plessis also discusses strangles and condors, option strategies betting on volatility, which tend to work better. I have been interested in about options for some time and studied a bit this year. I have been a bit busy but I will catch up soon.