2 John 6: And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

I know that I must follow the commands but I always fail. I do what I want. So today, I again vow to follow the Word and love Jesus and my neighbors. Let us always pray more and know God’s Word more.


  1. We need safe injection facilities to help save lives and cut costs. Many oppose such centers as they may encourage more drug usage. Indeed, some may be motivated to shoot up but the advantages of a safe injection facility outweighs the costs. First, it prevents death and emergencies. By having support staff and nurses, the addicts are less likely to overdose. Second, it reduces crime. Addicts will be less likely to commit crime and get in trouble with the law. Third, it helps with rehabilitation. Hence, we should not force people into darkness but bring them to light and help them heal. Of course, we should pray for them and also make sure to prevent drug usage in the first place.
  2. Are viral recipes killing creativity and cooking itself? I am sure that there is some decrease in quality but I doubt this is doom. In fact, I believe viral recipes encourage people to share more and get inspired. Of course, many recipes don’t work but you still learn. Also, eventually after seeing so many bogus recipes, people will demand good premium recipes. So with time, the not so serious viral recipe crisis will be resolved by market forces.For those who want quality cooking, See Lopez-Alt’s scientific cooking book.
  3. Gun registry is a mess. This really shows that gun lobbyists just want guns and really do not care about crime. I hope the next president or congress fixes this mess as soon as possible. There needs to be accountability in gun ownership.


The Future

Freakanomics talks about the future. The bottom line is that robots will not replace us. Computers will complement our work and we will increase our productivity and utility by teaming up the machines. So no terminator scenario. However, many jobs will disrupted but people do not think their profession will be affected. I thought this was an interesting psychological bias. Finally, I believe that some scientists are overly optimistic about AI. I think there is still a lot that we don’t know about intelligence and much more about artificial intelligence (computers do not always behave the way we intended them to work)