3 John 11: Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God. 

Something that I always feel bad about. We always pray for goodness yet there is so much wickedness in us. Instead of loving our friends, we judge them and go after them. This can be quite upsetting. Yet this is why really need Jesus. Because we can’t become holy by ourselves. So every time I fall into temptation or mess up. I do sigh but I repent and say thank You Jesus, please make me not mess up tomorrow. Please make me sin less. By the grace of God, we are made whole. Amen!


  1. Venomous snakes are creating a health crisis yet there is not much progress in antivenoms. This is quite interesting because snake bites have been around forever. Yet things have not improved so much. Hmmm… I guess we can start with simple steps like providing boots for people so that they don’t get bitten and educating people about how to handle snake bites.
  2. Chinese Startup workers working a lot. Many Chinese bulls praise the work ethic of Chinese. Of course, they have good work ethic yet we need to account for the fact a lot of it may be just face time, not really being productive. Also, staying in the office for long time does not increase productivity as you are not feeling well due to sitting down for too long. And you are probably dehydrated as well. So what can be done? Well, work smarter. Stop emphasizing face time. Measure output, not hours. I am sure things will get better because eventually inefficiencies are cleared.
  3. Many people are depressed yet are not treated 😦 I am really shocked about this article because we have talked about this issue ten years ago when I was in college. Yet, things still have not changed much. We should really educate the people more about depression and help them get the right treatment. Plus, always pray for the well-being of others. Jesus will heal.


Future of Health Care

Wharton podcast discusses the future of health care. In the future, advanced machines will help diagnosing and treating patients, this will help doctors to be more effective and give them more room to be compassionate. Doctors with better communication skills and compassion will be highly valued as medical equipment advances. Also, with advanced diagnostics, treatment will be more personalized and people will be visited by doctors rather than going to hospitals. I believe that this trend is already happening and that it will accelerate, promising a better health care. Still we should always be healthy and not get sick.