So today I was coming back home from church and I waited for the light in the cross street. Wow, thank God that I am guy. Man, we really need to pray harder for LA and K-Town. Ok, the guy across the street looked like a sexual offender, the guy behind him was clearly looking for trouble (the two are unrelated). The guy walking behind me was either high or had mental issues or both. The man in the other street seems to be a security guard but walked and behaved like a thug. In the four cross sections, it was all guys, scary guys. Me? I just probably looked weird. Anyway, I would have been extremely scared if I were a girl. Even as a guy, I was getting ready for potential action. Thankfully nothing happened and I came home back safely.

Of course, we should not judge people from appearances but the atmosphere was surely not safe. I would say at least quite alert level. After having this tense situation, I realized that we should really pray more. They are all children that God loves and Jesus wants to save and heal. I should never judge by the appearances and behaviors but one can know especially in LA when things are quite sketchy. Anyway, I will pray more for K-Town and LA.